Moy walking and running alone in the dark jungle

As wolves cry are closing in around her and sunset slowly behind her

Moy shouted to them “Uncle, is people at the front?”

“Yes,” one of the men shouted back.

“How far?”  she ask, standing still for the first time all day.

“Three hour!” he shouted

Three hours?  She froze, staring at the men’s backs.



A mother love echo and give her child courage


At age thirteen, Luong H. Ung-Lai was orphaned during the horrific Khmer Rouge genocide. In this heart-wrenching memoir, she narrates her amazing story of strength and survival.

This book picks up where her first memoir left off, after the tragic deaths of her mother and grandfather. A Chinese girl left to fend for herself in war-torn Cambodia, Moy clings to the only thing she has—the spirit of her ma, represented by a ring. Fortified by Ma’s ring, she has the tenacity to stand up to brutal killers and rapists, facing them with a steel will and refusing to bow to their demands.

After hearing on the radio about freedom and education in America, armed with just a can of rice and the ring, Moy makes her way through the jungle war zone to the Thai border.

And though life in America is a struggle, with the aid of her ma’s indomitable spirit, Moy fearlessly faces the future.