A mother love echo and give her child courage


At age thirteen, Luong H. Ung-Lai was orphaned during the horrific Khmer Rouge genocide. In this heart-wrenching memoir, she narrates her amazing story of strength and survival.

This book picks up where her first memoir left off, after the tragic deaths of her mother and grandfather. A Chinese girl left to fend for herself in war-torn Cambodia, Moy clings to the only thing she has—the spirit of her ma, represented by a ring. Fortified by Ma’s ring, she has the tenacity to stand up to brutal killers and rapists, facing them with a steel will and refusing to bow to their demands.

After hearing on the radio about freedom and education in America, armed with just a can of rice and the ring, Moy makes her way through the jungle war zone to the Thai border.

And though life in America is a struggle, with the aid of her ma’s indomitable spirit, Moy fearlessly faces the future.


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